Most Ebook Reader Owners are Happy. What About the International Community?

Market Researcher NPD Group reports that e-book reader users are a happy bunch, finding that 93 perent are very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with their handheld reading devices.

Owners of ebook readers say that being able to bypass their PCs in order to download books and essays is a great thing-with 60 percent saying that their favorite feature is the wireless access. This is great news for those devices who offer on board WiFi or 3G connectivity but not so good news to the Sony Reader Pocket Edition that requires users use a PC to get books.

While most ereader device owners are pleased, over 40 percent say that they would like to see more ebooks offered, 34 percent want color screens while 39 percent state that longer battery life would be nice.

Considering the fact that the e-reader market is so new, it's somewhat surprising that so many device owners are happy with these early versions. The fact that over a third of the owners want a color screen tells us that consumers are aware of the good possibility that we will be able to read a large number of magazines on digital readers and handle their custom essays online in the near futures and that black and white screen just won't cut the cake when leafing through our favorite mags.

One of the things I have been thinking of lately is the fact that not everyone who wants a good quality e-book reader lives in the U.S.  Sure, Kindle and a couple of the others do indeed ship worldwide but they do not support multiple languages. I would think that if someone say, in Finland, wants a ebook reader that he/she would certainly want the reader to support Finnish.
The Ectaco reader is one decent ereader that supports many languages but it is not the easiest task for people in certain countries to find top-selling ebooks, or any, for that matter to download to the device.

What do you think? Do you think manufacturers should be putting forth a bit more effort to make their devices capable of supporting many languages?

-C. Rupp

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