NASA experts are concerned about insomnia astronauts who are on the International Space Station

As they note, in the difficult conditions of the constant noise and weight to sleep is difficult. As a result, about half of the astronauts have to take appropriate medications, which can be addictive and will not allow time to wake up in case of emergency. Experts of the U.S. space agency will try to solve this problem somewhat unusual way. They plan to spend $ 11.2 million to equip the U.S. segment of the station with special LED lights. mcs To search for cheap auto insurance, best way is using internet. On the sites which write about insurance there are many useful for this topic. Lamps will change the nature of light, depending on the time of day, mimicking the natural light: blue morning, white during the day and red at night. The technique is based on the physiological responses of the human body, which cause the dawn and dusk. Shades of blue causes the brain to suppress the "hypnotic" the hormone melatonin and produce more photopigment melanopsin, which mobilizes energy reserves and is involved in the regulation of circadian rhythms. Red LEDs have the opposite effect, causing drowsiness. As NASA notes that the delivery, installation and setup of equipment will take time and will only be completed in 2016. Lighting control will be carried out from the ground, but the astronauts themselves can change the settings if necessary.

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