Netronix Ebook Readers Will Operate on Android

Google's operating system Android, has only been out for a year and already it's spreading to the digital reader market as Taiwan's Netronix is to release ebook readers that runs on Android.
Netronix, a name you may be familiar with,  is mostly known for its network equipment.   The company reportedly has an electronic reader on the market now in Asia that is selling 60,000 per month. Netronix is collaborating with Texas Instruments for its upcoming  ereader that will run the Android OS.

This Android ebook reader will be able to interact with other Android devices says the company, but further details were not given.  Netronix also said that the new ereaders it are planning to release will feature 3G/3/5G connectivity which will rival  the WhisperNet connectivity used by Kindle.  The company also has said that they want their ereaders to be 'personal communication devices'.  Maybe we can assume that this means emails and/or the ability to send and receive phone calls but it's too early to tell just yet.

Netronix chairman Arthur Lu said that the company is confident that his company will ship out more than a million units this year. No word on specifics regarding specs or prices but we'll keep you posted.

It also can produce more advanced tasks, such as software development, graphic design, web design and other important work, which expects corporate business. So this device can be very attractive not just for regular folks, but also for folks who do their work during travelling, commuting and also for tourists. Software and web developing company Global Vision  supplied their developers by such devices. Communication tasks between specailists just and develoopers rqaased into new level, the company starget getting more revenue

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