New Kindle Firmware on Its Way

Amazon has announced that a new firmware add-on for the Kindle ebook reader is in beta form now that will add social networking updates,  better organizational tools for ebook collections and more. The Kindle 2.5 firmware will be made available for both the Kindle and the Kindle DX readers at the end of May 2010.  Probably the best aspect of this new firmware is the fact that users will be able to share favorite excerpts of books they are reading directly from their Kindle ereaders to Facebook and Twitter. In a response to many complaints from Kindle owners who find it hard to manage their content on their readers, the firmware's  Collections feature  allows users to organizations books and other content into separate categories. Users will also be able to set a password lock on their device with the new firmware as well as getting the opportunity to see which passages in books being read are the most highlight among other Kindle owners. Amazon has also added new font sizes on the latest firmware as well as the ability to zoom into and pan around when reading PDF documents to make it easier to see small print and detailed charts and graphs. The beta version of the Kindle 2.5 firmware is being used by a select group of testers now before its full release in a few weeks. Learn how these laptop theft protection tips can help you be safe leaving your computer at cafe of hotel

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