Nook Surpasses Kindle in Sales but iPad Beats Them Both

Today analysts have come out to say that the Barnes & Noble Nook sold better than the Amazon Kindle during the month of March, 2010. Digitimes Research who released the information, said that by checking with suppliers, 54% of the ereaders that were shipped to the United States last months were Nook ebook readers, leaving Amazon straggling behind.  In the larger market, 1.43 million ebook readers were sold during the winter quarter alone. It is thought that the sudden swing in Nook's favor is due to the fact that the Nook is seen as a bit of a novelty compared to the older Kindle that has been around for longer.  Another advantage is the fact that consumers can go into Barnes & Noble bookstores to try out the device whereas the Kindle has been only available for sale online.  However, as I wrote  a few days ago, the Kindle will begin to show up in a limited number of Target stores in the U.S. this weekend. Apple  sold one half million iPads in the first ten days of sales and that number is thought to be doubled by now, even though the device is only sold in the United States for now.  One-third of new iPad owners actually plan to read books on their new gadget, but the numbers should be strong enough to give Apple a big chunk of the e-book reading business. This is interesting indeed. The Kindle, for the first time since its release, is not the top selling ebook reader. And due to the fact that the market will expand soon with even more readers coming out, Kindle may find themselves in even deeper water. Price wars are sure to ensue as Asus and some other top names offer us ereaders that are packed with attractive features and capabilities.

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