Now You Can Get the Nook at Best Buy

As a way to drum up sales, Barnes and Noble has made it possible for consumers to purchase the Nook at one of over 1,000 Best Buy electronic retail stores in the United States. Announced just yesterday, beginning on Sunday, April 18th, consumers can purchase the Nook ebook reader, all of its accessories such as covers and screen protectors as well as its free BN eReader software. The Nook did not sell as well as B&N had hoped upon its release last year and has been a rather hard to get ebook reader because it was only being sold at Barnes and Noble's own stores. The Nook also had some problems early on with buggy software and some other small kinks which resulted in it getting less than rave reviews from critics. This move to make the B&N Nook more readily available really comes as no surprise considering the fact that the Apple iPad was recently released which has received generally a very good reception and is considered to be a great ebook reader by many new iPad owners. If the Nook was an ereader you were interested in but you have yet to check it out up close and personal, mark your calendar for the 18th then head on out to your nearest Best Buy and give it a good look. Also this device has a very good software protection service

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