Oh Oh. iPad WiFi Issues

Now that the new iPad owners out there have had their devices since Saturday, reports are popping up online at some of the top techie blogs reporting problems with their WiFi connection.  While the entire extend and range of this issue is yet to be seen, many are saying that they either cannot connect to the WiFi in their homes or that they are losing their connection all together.

Apple's own support website is filling quickly with complaints of the device showing a very weak symbol with one bar visible - even in parts of user's homes where other devices get full signals.

This is certainly something that must be causing a great deal of alarm at the Apple headquarters and is also something we're going to keep an eye on.  Is it fixable? Don't know. Will it spur some new owners to return the product and demand their money back? Probably. And how is this going to play out regarding people who were waiting for real customer reviews before deciding to buy one? My guess is that it could be the deal breaker. For those of you who were interested in the iPad as an ereader, being unsure if you can even get online to download books is well,  not a good thing.

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