Paradigm Shift Offers 2 Color Ereaders

A company that most people know very little about, Paradigm Shift Sourcing & Manufacturing, may be giving those of you waiting for a great  e-book reader with color what you have been waiting for. The two e-readers, the 7" EER-071WF and the 5" EER-051 are color ebook readers although they do not use e-ink displays.  The company outed the devices at the CES in Las Vegas recently and says that both units will sport HR screens that have high contrast so that they are easy on the eyes while reading. The five inch EER-051 is equipped with an Mp3 player, a photo viewer and offers 1GB of memory with an included SD card slot.  Txt, doc, pdf, html, fb2, pdb and (unprotected)epub fomats are accepted. The bigger EER-071WF is decked out with a full touchscreen interface and it will be able to run on Windows CE. Also on board is WiFi and the ability to read DRM encrypted e-books. The EER-071WF also allows users to view YouTube videos.  Chat programs can also be accessed on this model.  Users can simply read e-books or they  can view Microsoft Word docs, Excel and PDF files along with being able to load photos, flash video and AAC. Also included in a Mp3 payer.  Offered on the EER-071WF is 2GB of memory with T-Flash expansion slot for more room. The smaller EER-0551 comes in white, pastel periwinkle, black, silver and pastel pink while the bigger EER-071ER will be available in black or white. If the current group of digital readers look a bit dull to you, then maybe the Paradigm Shift e-book readers are of great interest to you.  Due to the fact that the Paradigm Shift offers full color for the entire screen, illustrations should really jump to life. Priced very well at just $150 for the 5" Paradigm Shift and $200 for the more capable 7" model, these new devices should create quite a stir once they hit the U.S. market in February. If the battery for the laptop is necessary to you, visit a site, where the wide range of storage batteries such as Presario CQ60 Battery and many other.    

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