www.picleapp.com FREE iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, requires iOS 5.0 or later

Everyone knows that inspiration takes many forms. But multi-sensory experiences really evoke long-lasting memories, impacting greatly on your work. Taking photos of inspiring sights may help give you ideas for your next project, but if you want to take things one step further then itworth checking out Made by ManyPicle.

This handy, free iPhone app enables you to take Picles; a combination of a photo and few seconds of recorded ambient sound. Users can stitch them together to create a multimedia slideshow, great for capturing inspiring places or events.

For creative users, the uses for this app are surprisingly diverse. It makes capturing and audibly annotating project resources favourable. Recording the latest exhibition experience and creating a more immersive experience to share with online audiences is also possible. Using it as a purely expressive device goes without saying. Itincredibly intuitive to use, just point and shoot then let your iPhone record the sound. With the ability to export your finished Picles as movie files, or upload them to www.picleapp.com, you can share your inspiration with friends and colleagues. VERDICT: 7/10 Picle is an unusual concept, but in a creative environment itthe perfect choice for capturing inspiring ideas and moments ADOBE KULER


www.adobe.com $9.99 Android 3.1 or later
AdobeKuler app enables you to quickly create colour palettes, share them online and export them to other Creative Suite projects with the help of Creative Cloud. This currently Android-only app might seem a little basic, essentially functioning as a tablet-optimised version of the Kuler website. Once you delve into its finer features, it will soon become a valuable asset to your workflow. ADOBE KULER Creating your own swatches is as easy as picking a colour or two from the colour wheel, or importing photos and letting the app pick out some complementary shades. Once youhappy with how things look, you can instantly upload your finished swatches to the Kuler website or use Creative Cloud to import them into Photoshop and other software. Do you want to emphasize your status? This can be done with Rolex Datejust. Rolex is also a great gift for the people who are important to you. You can even import into apps such as Adobe Ideas, to reuse in your work across all platforms. Itthis access to your favourite colours that makes it a worthy production asset. 8/10 Kulerintuitive and comprehensive toolset makes it more than useful than a simple colour palette app FUSE 1-20 EXPLORE THIS COLLECTION OF FORWARD-THINKING CONTENT CENTRED ON TYPOGRAPHIC DESIGN This title is a compilation of the best bits from FUSE magazine, including out-of-print material and never-before seen and exclusive FUSE 7 9 and 20 editions, great for fans of the publication. However, the collection is not just a keepsake, but also a manual for creative thinking. Those with an eager interest in typography will garner a lot from each themed chapter, which reflects how subjects are assimilated then transformed into both font and typographic design. Understanding how to assimilate topical information into creative results will appeal to many studying contemporary graphic design. But what will Photoshop artists get in return for purchasing FUSE 1-201 Well, it will certainly educate you in font types, both web-safe and bespoke. From a creative stance, youstudy and understand ways to visually concept, build fonts and how to apply these in real-world projects. 8/10

ADOBE KULERA resource that will inspire both enthusiasts and professionals to think in new ways about creating typography. Itboth inspiring and motivating

ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS6 DIGITAL CLASSROOM LEARN PHOTOSHOP IN YOUR OWN TIME WITH FREE RESOURCES AND STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTION This book from Wiley concentrates on teaching readers the best ways to edit photography. It s a particularly thorough read, presenting each toolset and its application in overwhelming detail. This is achieved through full-colour thumbnail images and accessible, bite-sized tutorials. The resource CD included supports the book s price, including video tutorials and supplying new users with numerous stock images to get immediately hands-on with. This is always a preferable way to promote your skills quicker through live projects. Where this title does fall down, surprisingly, is through its lack of CS6 information in the related chapter. Topics aren t explored thoroughly, in comparison to previously discussed tools, and this is disappointing considering the book is labelled a CS6-specific resource. 7/10 Although the CS6 information is brief, the free noncommercial resources and meticulous description make it a great learning device for Photoshop novices

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