Plastic Logic’s Que-Aimed At Business Professionals

The Plastic Logic Que digital reader is due out this spring.  This is the first e-reader that has been designed specifically with the mobile professional in mind.  AT&T's 3G network will be the mobile broadband provider on this device that is Wi-Fi capable. The Plastic Logic Que is just about the same size as an 8.5  x 11 inch sheet of paper, it is less than a quarter of an inch thick and weighs less than most magazines.  The very unique plastic display on the Que is an industry first and this commercial, high quality display makes the e-ink reading very pleasant. Users will be able to read newspapers, books and magazines on the Plastic Logic Que as well as be able to use Word, PowerPoint and Excel.  Although the Que is not inexpensive-$649 for the WiFi $GB model and $799 for the WiFi/3G 8GB version,  folks who got to check it out up close and personal at the recent  Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas were very impressed with the device and what it is capable of. The 10.7 inch monochrome screen is built into a very thin body that is simplistic and non-distracting.  Most of the control for the Que is done on the touchscreen. The power button on the bottom of the device is the only hardware control on the frame.  Also included is an USB port, a speaker and  an SD card slot. The Plastic Logic Que allows the user to interact with documents on the touchscreen by scribbling notes and highlighting text without having to use a stylus. The screen features a virtual keyboard and provides a zoom function for close-ups.  The Que Store offers newspapers, magazines, books and more. The Que sounds like the perfect business-oriented business e-reader although the prices may scare many potential buyers away from it.  Shipping on the Que begins in mid-March and the devices can be pre-ordered on the Que website. Think that online training is impossible? You are mistaken! Be convinced of it on a site

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