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Get the bigger picture with beamers for every budget-from affordable to one the price of, well, a beamer... Projectors make films more cinematic, games more thrilling and 3D less dire. To help you bring the old big-screen home we ve assembled six projectors-both 3D and vanilla-from a 1080p table-topper to a full-blown, 4K ultra-HD cinema behemoth, all with HDMI and PC inputs for extra kudos points.   PANASONIC PT-AT5000EPANASONIC PT-AT5000E Finished in sober, sullen, gun metal grey, this is quite clearly a serious home theatre device, and it duly delivers punishing 300.000:1 dynamics, devilish HD detail and gorgeous colour fidelity. The projector is a bright 2,000 lumens and even donning 3D glasses —one pair is included, extra pairs ?136 a pop —can t dim its glory, with 3D crosstalk absent too. With the AT5000E clinging on to detail when action hots up. thanks to Intelligent Frame Creation tech and dualcore processing, it s ideal for big sporting events as well as movie nights. Serious looks: serious performance. Seriously. A blockbuster performer for 2D and 3D, sports and movies BEST FOR GAMING BENQ W1060 ?699. The perfect coffee table projector, the W1060 is perfect for impromptu movie nights, with incredibly simple setup and a 10W mono speaker so you don t need to faff around with a separate audio system. Youneed about four metres between your coffee table and the wall to throw a 100-inch picture. The images from this DLP projector are bright and super-sharp with 5.000:1 contrast. It may struggle to retain detail during fast motion, and its blacks are more dark grey, but the budget price tag is ample compensation. The white finish and soft-touch controls are nice too. Kick-ass, full-HD performance at a very reasonable price BEST FOR MOVIES OPTOMA HD33 ?1.350. The sleek, tidy HD33 is a serious bit of home theatre kit. Fripperies such as built-in audio are notable by their absence but there is a 12v trigger for unfurling and retracting your electric screen —very pro. As you d expect of a DLP model, its 1080p images are fearsomely sharp, with a 10.000:1 contrast ratio. You ll need a 3.5m lounge to throw a 100-inch image and for best results we suggest blackout blinds. Given ideal conditions the HD33 delivers glossy, deep blacks and a top notch 3D performance. One pair of rechargeable active shutter glasses is included in the box. Pin-sharp imagery guaranteed to turn heads


BEST FOR 3D EPSON EH-TW5900 Offering cinematic 3D for under a grand with no obvious compromises, this is a great bit of kit. Able to throw a big. punchy 100-inch picture from three metres with little operating noise and a 10W onboard sound system, it ll suit casual viewers but its visuals are anything but casual. Black levels are deep and the 20.000:1 contrast, in a properly blacked out room is impressively high. The 3D effects are deliciously immersive with hardly any crosstalk. You will have to factor in the cost of Epson s Active Shutter glasses (?70) as you don t get any in the box, but it s still a great deal. The best value 3D projector you can buy right now BEST FOR THE MONIED SONY VPL-VW1000ES ?16,0 Fancy your own state of the art. ultra-HD digital cinema? This slightly pricier. 4K home theatre flagship offers four times the resolution of full HD. 1,000.000:1 contrast ratio and delivers a picture unlike any other consumer projector. The catch is, of course, that there s no 4K content to play on it just yet. For now you ll have to settle for upscaling Blu-rays, and the VW1000ES does that quite beautifully; its quad HD 3D performance is similarly spectacular. Early adopters with money to burn will be treated to a fantastic visual performance. Well, you can t take it with you... A scary price tag, but picture quality is simply sublime. If your apartment flowed mantehnika and you are afraid to flood the neighbors. To solve this problem, you will come to the aid of Plumbing emergency, these are people who can help you easily fix your problem for a small fee.  

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