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If you used remote desktop utilities before, you know how useful they can be. Once you experienced being able to access your work PC from home, your home PC from work, or any PC from anywhere in the world, it hard to go back. Professional/Ultimate editions of Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 have remote desktop utilities built in. They useful as far as they go. However, they not terribly sophisticated, they can be extremely slow over an internet connection, and thereno guarantee the right firewall ports will be open to be able to use them. LogMeIn Pro solves all three of those problems elegantly, LogMeIn works over standard HTTP as web traffic, so it will happily go through any corporate firewall. This means you can connect to a work PC from home and vice versa. It also highly optimised, and that means it s fast, even over an internet connection. In fact, if you working in full-screen mode it s possible to forget you re not physically sitting in front of the PC you working on. If you do find things going slowly, you can tailor the colour quality to reduce the amount of data being transferred, which will increase responsiveness. File transfer Being able to control a remote PC by logging into it and using the graphical desktop as if you were sitting in front of it is great, but it isn't always the quickest method of doing what you need. That's especially true if you accessing a desktop machine with a high-resolutlon desktop, via a laptop or netbook. Often the need to connect to a remote machine is to gain access to a file or folder, and within LogMeIn you can simply use the File Transfer view. For security reasons you may use data encryption software. This shows a tree-style view of the local PCfiling system on the left, and that of the remote machine on the right. You can navigate the folder trees in the usual way, and to transfer files just drag and drop left to right or right to left.
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And itall done within a web-browser window. The Dashboard LogMeIn doesnonly allow you remote control of your PC via a virtual graphical desktop. It establishes a comprehensive data link to the client running on the remote PC, and by default shows you an overview called the Dashboard. From here you can see what processes are running on the remote machine, what the CPU and memory loads are looking like, and how much space is free. Advanced features LogMeIn Pro2 goes beyond simple end-user convenience features. Try clicking on the Computer Management, Computer Settings or Performance Info tabs. Youfind that you can view a complete breakdown of the remote system. Computer Management allows you to view and change user accounts and groups, view processes, services and drivers (with status information). You can edit the Registry, open a command prompt and even reboot the system. The Computer Setting and Performance Info tabs are similarly comprehensive, including the ability to view system environment variables, list all installed applications, and check on system security by viewing all open TCP/IP ports. Alt this means LogMeIn isn t simply a tool to fire up when you want to access a desktop computer remotely —put the LogMeIn client on a server system and ita perfect way to monitor its health, in detail, from anywhere. The version of LogMeln Pro2 4 on the cover DVD works for 120 days. But after that it wonsimply stop working —it reverts to the free version. This still gives you unlimited, free remote desktop access, but the advanced file transfer and system control features will be disabled.

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