Ricoh camera makes panoramic images with an angle of coverage of 360 degrees

It is likely that the next step will be the development of photography panoramic photos with a viewing angle of 360 degrees. With the gadget, which is convenient to consider these pictures, panoramic images are more often occur in the network, and facilities required to produce them is becoming easier and easier and also more increasing in demand.


This camera can make excellent car pictures.
Camera from Ricoh is equipped with two cameras with 180-degree coverage and software that stitches together images and sends them via wi-fi to your smartphone or tablet to display or further processing. Unfortunately the camera is not capable of capturing video, as it makes the device Dodeca ® 2360, but the developers are working on it and promise to implement a similar function. A prototype of the device was presented at CES 2013, and plans to start selling at the end of the year.

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