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It s said that talking about someone without being involved in the subject matter is always a bad thing. Whether true or false, gossip is as old as speech. You can be sure that, over the last 21 thousand years, gossip has almost always been synonymous with envy, curiosity, or the natural human instinct of having to know and comment on other people s lives. Responsible for the sales of 1 out of 2 magazines or newspapers in the world, gossip, or rumor, boasts-directly or indirectly-a huge market for information, writing content services, with photos and all kinds of content aimed at feeding an audience hungry for every detail of someone else s life. One of many recommended online essay writing sites is, where you can obtain not just only content, but best advices, how and what can be done to make more influence on the readers. Very rarely in history have rumors been positive for the subject in question. And I believe no company has ever benefited more from this powerful weapon than Apple, though it s not as if the executives in Cupertino have been sitting around a big table, fiendishly planning a way to turn all this negative energy from rumors into a well-designed plan to conquer the world. But the company benefits from rumors in ways beyond our understanding.
 just phone
Useful information can be derived from the complete silence of the guys in Cupertino — from a sentence in a keynote or a couple of sentences in the quarterly report. Everything Apple says-or doesn t say, for that matter-has the potential to become a media and public phenomenon. Thousands of journalists, writers, bloggers, photographers, show hosts and fans take this matter seriously. It s sheer fascination; pure gold. In my point of view, Apple s magic is this ability to incite the public. Of course, there s good and bad to everything. Sometimes, the aim is to ignite strategic thinking so as to picture future scenarios for both executives and stockholders; very often, however, the main goal is to just recycle the same old subject to boost sales in newsstands. The truth is that Apple has managed to reach the very heart of its customers. It no longer has "clients", but a fan base bigger than any other brand in the world to date. This sells newspapers and magazines and attracts readers everywhere. For each image of a possible iPhone prototype or component, there are millions of page views. Moreover, we re talking about a product that exists only in a lab and, come to think of it, is just a phone. We re talking about a device that will be launched three or four months from now; the latest generation of a product that has been around for five years. But that doesn t describe the media phenomenon around it. Actually, this is a very difficult concept to explain, but the truth is that it s not just a phone... The truth is that everything embedded with the apple logo is bound to be successful. It s born to live up to the idolatry of millions of fans around the world and to the deep envy of its competitors.

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