Samsung Announces New Electronic Reader and Partnership with Google

Electronics giant, Samsung made the announcement in early January of 2010 that they are entering the digital reader arena with two new e-readers and an joint undertaking with Google Books.

Samsung showed the world its first glimpse of its two wireless reading devices at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The devices are called the "E6" and the "E101".

Samsung was very eager and pleased to announce that their non-color electronic book readers will offer users the ability to directly write on the display, enabling them to make notes and annotations easily with an electro-magnetic pen. Doug Albregts, VP of Samsung's technology division says that their devices are much more than simply reading devices. Instead they are more akin to paper due to the fact that you are allowed to write directly on the screen. This will be a great way for users to share information wirelessly as they collaborate on projects.

Gabriel Stricker, worldwide director of communications at Google made an appearance via video at the Consumer Electronics Show and said that Google is excited about and looking forward to working with Samsung.

The E-6 will be priced at $399 and the more advanced E101 will cost $700. Both will be released to the public sometime this year. The two new ereaders will compete directly with the Nook from Barnes and Noble, Amazon's Kindle as well as the Sony Reader.

This collaboration between Samsung and Google is future evidence that the big corporate names in the media and electronics worlds are scrambling to cash in on the quickly growing digital reader market. We can now only look forward to see what other big players announce concerning their plans to jump aboard what is expected to become the newest and most efficient way to read printed media.

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