Smart Devices Will Join EBook Reader Market

These days, if you are a manufacturer of electronic gadgets,  you must make an ereader. Smart Devices is the latest entrant into the ever-growing field with the new Smart R7. The R7 features a seven inch LCD  800 x 600 resolution, capacitive  color touchscreen that will make reading magazines a wonderful experience as it is capable of rendering sixteen million colors. It is believed that there is a big market out there for ebook readers made specifically for magazine reading, and if Smart gets it right with this reader, it should do well - as long as the price is reasonable. The Smart R7 will also support PDF files. There is not much information available about the device thus far as it is in development but as you can see by the photo, the case features four buttons on the bottom of the 7-inch screen and it supposedly will also come with a stylus that is built into the body. Smart Devices is the manufacturer of some very popular tablets such as the SmartQ 5 and SmartQ 7. The latter currently sells for just $250, and we have just discovered that the R7 will sell for just under that price. The Smart R7 will be tied to an online magazine store where you can buy and download digital magazines directly through the device via it's on board Wi-Fi connectivity. It will also allow users to play 1080p video and music. As soon as we find out some more specifics about the R7 such as specs, memory and such, we will update this post.

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