Sony announced the new format of 4K TVs costing $ 25,000

Sony introduced a new ultra-high resolution TV in 84-inch (213 cm) $ 24 999.99 dollars. Together with him and the buyer gets a collection of new, digitized and restored films produced by Sony Pictures, as well as the latest video player.
According to the manufacturer, a brand new TV has a resolution that is four times higher than HD-resolution. "Very often people ask the question: Do I need a 84-inch TV?" - Commented out new items Chris Cookson, President of Sony Pictures Technologies. "We believe that the 25-inch TVs are perfect for standard-definition 50-inch - for HD, and 84-inch for ultra-HD», - he said.
Sony announced the new format of 4K TVs costing $ 25,000
Many modern producers and film companies claim that the new standard for Ultra HD, also known as 4K, a further development of the TV industry. However, any technological innovations characterized by its own problems. The new standard is not an exception to the rule, and it has obvious problems: the lack of quality content, the lack of widespread support from content publishers, super-space prices. 

However, the company Sony are confident that with the start of mass production in the long term, the price for the novelty will necessarily decline. It should be noted that the mass production of content in the format of Ultra HD will also affect the price reduction.  By moving into the world of high technology 4K-TV is at this time, Sony wants to be first to market and to gain the most solvent audience. The new  sale can start only in the United States for today.

Sony announced the new format of 4K TVs costing $ 25,000
They are willing to hand over to customers in the first gift to the TV for almost 25 000 brand new tablet Xperia Tablet S. In this case, the tablet can be used as a remote control. In addition, the tablet can be. Also, the tablet can be wirelessly transmitted to the TV content.
"We understand that many of today's broadband channels are objective limitations that make inaccessible work with 4K-records in real time, therefore we offer a workaround," - said Phil Molyneux, COO Sony Electronics.
He claims, Sony continues to work towards 4K for almost seven years and during this time gained a decent amount of experience in this field. As a result of this work, the very first buyers and TV content for them can be fully confident that they will receive a full 4K-resolution.

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