Sony Reader Touch Edition-Sleek Elegance

Available in red, black or silver, the Sony Reader Touch Edition or the PRS-600 is a 10.1 ounce e-reader that features a touch-screen that is easy to navigate. Since its debut in the fall of 2009, the Touch Edition has sold briskly due in part to the wide array of file formats supported, the good form factor and build quality and the easy to use home screen. Sony's eBook Library software makes a cinch of syncing with a desktop. The software is the road to Google Books and Sony's own eBook store that holds many New York Times best sellers at just under $10. Users can download books, create collections for their books, transfer RSS feeds and more with the very easy to use software. It is also possible to play MP3 music and view photos on the Touch Edition although this feature is not all that useful for most people as an e-ink display is not the best way to view great photos. Another note regarding these 'extras' is the fact that the battery life will undoubtedly be shortened significantly by using the audio feature, greatly diminishing the 7,500 page turns a fully loaded battery gives. If you have the PRS-600 loaded with many books, you are offered the ability to search your books using the find command. This is a great feature and something that you certainly cannot do with paper. You are also able to search inside a book and this is a main reason people get hooked on electronic readers as you can work quickly and with ease when locating material. Users can increase the memory capability on the Sony Reader Touch Edition by 32 GB and it has two memory slots-one for the Sony Memory Stick Pro DUO and the other for a SDHC card-each capable of holding 16 GB. The Notes feature is great if you love to research. You need to only highlight text and then 'write' the note from the keyboard that's on the screen or by making the annotations in a note window with the stylus. The notes are all collected automatically and put into a notes section. Notes are also itemized and listed in the order in which they were created. You are taken to the page in the book where the note is when you click on a note-with a small window which pops up and lays over the page. The touchscreen display on the PRS-600 works great but there is a bit of a glare on it due to the fact that an extra layer of glass was required to make it function as it does. The PRS-600 does not come with a back light so you may need to purchase a case equipped with a built-in reading light for reading in darker environments. The Touch Edition is built very well. There is very little plastic on the device as it is made of aluminum and has rubber on the back to provide a firm grip. The device feels great to hold and it is lightweight. This digital reader from Sony is a very solid choice for anyone wanting top quality and outstanding features. It is without a doubt one of the best e-book readers on the market today. Study never was easy. Constantly it is necessary to read the textbook, to guess decisions, but sometimes it happens not easily therefore there are specialized sites, such as where always there will be the removed instructor, ready to perform for you your homework.

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