Talking About Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox 360

Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox 360 is the new way to play. Finally Microsoft has done motion controls right and has done it simply enough that everyone can join in. Where motion control games are concerned Microsoft has given Kinect the upper hand in motion controlled gaming.

With the three different sensors one is able to see their entire body in 3D. First you have a RGB camera, secondly you have a microphone running proprietary software and lastly an infrared laser projector. Microsoft combines this technology with its advanced gesture, facial and voice recognition making Kinect one of the best if not the best.

Setting up Kinect is very simple. After you plug the USB cord into any of the USB ports on your Xbox 360, place the sensor in a location near your TV. Turn on your Xbox 360 and enable the Kinect by updating your console over Xbox live. With proper internet speeds this may take only a couple of minutes. A tutorial follows shortly. It may be long but it is important because it show you where to stand, how to use your hands to navigate and how to use the menus. You will enjoy as you watch yourself wave your hands around and see instant feedback on the screen in front of you because the sensors is great.

Kinect is bundled with Kinect Adventures, but with most user’s experience it is not so great a representation of what the Kinect can do. The best thing would be to get Kinect Sports, so that you are not left frustrated and bored with the poor quality of Kinect Adventures. You may need to learn how the Kinect works; it is advisable to play Kinect adventures first. Once you understand how to use your body to do everything, you will enjoy trying Kinect Sports and this is where the Kinect becomes alive. You feel like you are playing a real sport and Kinect will still be able to track your movements back and forth, left and right along with your legs and feet, and this, very accurately.

With a price of $150 you will get Kinect with Kinect Adventures included. If you are looking for a way to entertain the whole family, the Xbox 360 Kinect is the best choice to make. You can also use it for work out if you go to Free Play.

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