Target to Sell Kindle

Target Corporation announced that it will begin to sell Amazon's Kindle ebook reader in select stores beginning this month (April).  Considering the fact that 'this month' is dwindling away,  the retail giant means any day now. This is the first time the Kindle will ever be available for sale in a brick-and-mortar establishment.  Target's main store in downtown Minneapolis will carry the $259 Kindle as will over 100 stores in southern Florida. Later this year Target plans to sell the ereader at more of its hundreds of stores located across the USA. Amazon has been rather zipped-lipped over how many Kindles have been sold so far, saying only that the number is in the millions.  This move to allow potential customers the chance to touch and handle the Kindle could be a direct result of the recent outing of Apple's iPad which comes with e-book reading software. As you may know, there are several great ebook readers poised to hit the open market this year such as the much anticipated and purportedly low priced Asus ereaders that are due out in a couple of months.   Amazon has done very well with the Kindle so far, but if the new ereaders coming out are as great as we hear they will be, Kindle may be in trouble because after all, $259 is a lot more than spare change to most consumers. Do you want to know about your site, thousands of people? Then just add it to the catalog and you will not believe your eyes. Because people are just pushed down on your site.

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