The Barnes and Noble Nook Set to Explode on Scene in February

E-book readers are one of the fastest growing consumer electronics categories right now and the explosion in growth will quickly fill out the rather small category very soon from the way that things are looking. As more and more people are being exposed to the digital reader through the various media outlets, the interest grows and in turn, so does the production and emergence of more and more ereaders. While new Kindle owners may not be pleased, there are many prospective e-book reader buyers out there that are eager to give the Nook digital reader from Barnes and Noble a try based on what they have read thus far. The Nook looks quite similar to the Kindle with its white cover but this one is indeed different on both the outside as well as in. It features a color multi-touch screen that can be used like a keyboard or as a way to browse through books. The Nook operates on the Android OS by Google and it has wireless capabilities available through AT&T. The Nook features a 3 ½ inch color touchscreen and it has the standard black and white e-ink display. Users can easily look through book collections using the touchscreen and this electronic book reader is also equipped WiFi connectivity built right into the unit, 2 GB of storage space and an on board MP3 player that supports open formats such as EPUB. Users make use of such things as bookmarks and are able to share books with people who have their own digital readers as well as share with PCs and smartphones. Nook users can access the Barnes and Noble online store that is loaded with books, newspapers as well as magazines. The Nook is capable of holding 1,500 e-books. The company will begin shipping out the Nook in February of this year and it appears that it will be well worth the wait. There is word that there is a 'limited availability' of the reader although no more specific details were offered by Barnes and Noble. The Nook is set to sell at around $260. It is also possible to customize the Nook with your own photos you can use as screensavers. The Nook is claimed to be able to run on a single charge for up to ten days when the wireless feature is turned off. The most intriguing feature of the Nook, in our opinion, is that second display in the lower quadrant that acts as a touchscreen interface. It not only adds to the looks of the device but it should make for some added speed when browsing.The color icons look great and users can select from a wide selection of designer cases as well as color-customized back panels for this gadget to make a fashion statement when out on the go. When homework help is necessary for you, look for it on special sites, more information about homework help read on a site

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