The BeBook Mini

One of the nicest small ebook readers on the market today is the BeBook Mini. The Mini features a 5 inch Vizplex e-ink screen and it is a bit smaller than the BeBook One but has the same impressive characteristics. The BeBook Mini is however fitted with a thumb wheel for quick page turns.  The Mini also has another feature that the One does not and that is a text to speech function. The BeBook Mini was designed so that it fits nicely into your pocket or small handbag.  Like its larger counterpart, the Mini supports over 20 file formats including ePub and PDF files with Adobe DRM. You get a full 7,000 page turns on a single charge of the battery and can use the Mini to read documents, books, training papers and news.  On board is 512 MB of flash memory, a 3.5 mm audio jack, 2.0 USB port and a SD slot that allows up to 4GB of extra storage. The BeBook Mini is a nice universal ebook reader as it has menu supports in fifteen different major languages. You are able to zoom in and out with this great little digital reader and can bookmark your pages, play MP3 files and audiobooks as well as keep your library organized according to title, file name or size. The Mini can be purchased for 199 Euros and it is a nice, solid ebook reader.

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