The BeBook Readers-A Great Choice Indeed!

Although the brand BeBook is not as widely known as some of the other e-book reading devices out there,  the BeBook e-reader is a formidable player in this fast growing technology category and should by all means not be over-looked. The BeBook is  manufactured by a leading Dutch company, Endless Ideas  that makes office electronics.  The BeBook is a great device and actually has some features the big players do not. Ideal for those not living in the U.S.  and in countries where Amazon and Sony don't deliver to, the BeBook is available in three models, the Neo, the One and the Mini. The Neo e-reader is the very first WiFi capable e-book reader that has access to ebook stores the world over.  BeBook had great success with their first electronic reader the One, and took user feedback to develop the Neo and pack it with more features.  The BeBook Mini offers readers the same features as the One but in a small, 5 inch size. The BeBook One is unrivaled with its collection of 23  supported file formats. The One is also the only reader on the market today that supports two kinds of DRM-Adobe and Mobipocket. Users can swap the supported DRM by switching to the firmware desired, which is available free from the BeBook website. The One looks great with its classic black case and it is one of the lightest weighing ereaders available.  The One offers users 7000 page views on a single charge of the battery-making it the ideal travel mate.  This BeBook also comes with built-in language support for 15 different languages and it offers the ability to zoom as well as to change font types for easy reading.  With internal storage of 512 MB flash memory it can hold around 400 books, depending on the format used. There is the added benefit of extending that to 4GB so there is plenty of room available for storing a complete library. The BeBook Neo utilizes ePaper technology, a super-quick Freescale processor for fast browsing and reading speeds.  So fast as a matter of fact that BeBook says their processor allows for up to 2.5 times faster browsing and operating speeds that any other digital reader on the market. The Neo has a six inch display screen that offers outstanding and clear text with no reflection.  Users control the Neo via a small keyboard and a two button controller. The design is fresh and it takes just a few minutes to get the hang of using this device. Users can go the the Neo eBook portal from which a map of the world appears. Simply click on your country and you will see a view of third party e-book stores from which you can choose for ordering and purchasing books.  The innovative WACOM touchpanel technology used on the Neo allows one to use the touchscreen for making notes and sketches.  Connecting to the internet is possible with the WiFi abilities on board so shopping for books online is made easy.

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