The Cowon X 7 MP3

The Cowon X 7 MP3 players entered a market that had long been dominated by flash memory devices. The first thing that will draw your attention this electronic is it size. Compared to most current portable devices the Cowon X7 looks huge. By today’s touch screen standards the screen is larger than its only big –name rival presently.

Actually what makes the Cowon X7 feel bigger is not its 212g weight, it is the width which stands at 78.6mm. this width will fill even the largest hands. Those with smaller hands will definitely have trouble wrapping their hands around its body. The weight and breadth of this device will not concern you much when you know and understand its functionality.

The build quality is awesome. You will find a pair of volume controls on the left hand- side, a power button on the right and a menu button on the front and centre making them the only physical buttons on-show. With the Cowon X7s front featuring a speaker and a microphone around the back the bulky body is justified. Both of these features are missing in the iPod classic which is its great competitor.

The iPod style menu that lays-out the main features of the player list is great because you don’t have to scroll though, thanks to the expansive 4.3in screen. This interface is just one of the two that Cowon X7 has employed. The other interface is the Android Smartphone inspired. This one offers you home screens to fill that have widgets and shortcuts. Most of the widgets do not justify their space on the home screen. If there were other features like web connectivity, GPS or even a games library then this interface would be more attractive. But the truth is we don’t expect it to be since it is just a media player and not a smart phone.

Though the screen has good viewing angles with a handful of wall paper images, the screen resolutions are not that good. For a screen its size to be using 272x480 pixels is way below the industries standards for e.g. Smartphone which is 480x800 pixel resolution.

The low screen resolution may be low but when watching a movie on the Cowon X7 you will still enjoy since the viewing angle will not affect you much. The pictures are clear and the sound quality is great.

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