The Digital Reader Market Will Fetch $2.5 Billion by Year 2013

According to Yankee Group, the Massachusetts based company that does market research related to the IT world,  the sizzling hot e-book reader market in the United States will grow even hotter- climbing from $1.3 billion in total revenue this year to $2.5 billion by the year 2013. The digital publishing and internet journalism are constantly increasing their revenue. Online services for custom essays writing is also become more popular.  
Yankee Group is looking ahead to an average price tag of about $150 for digital readers by 2013 in light of so many devices hitting the marketplace-which will create heated competition against the segments big players that include Kindle, Sony Reader, Barnes and Noble and Acer.  It is also estimated that until the prices drop on electronic readers, only serious readers will fork out the money necessary to purchase the devices (cheap laptop accessories) but as each year passes, the average price for a e-reader will drop by fifteen percent, spurring sales and increasing interest. 

It is also estimated that by year 2013, half of all consumers who showed interest in purchasing a digital e-book reader will have purchased one.  In the United States,  it is expected that 6 million readers will be sold this year.

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