The Future is Bright for Electronic Readers

An electronic reader is also referred to as an e-book device, an e-reader or an e-book reader and it is a device that is used to read printed material. E-readers are portable, have long battery life and can be used in bright sunlight. Electronic readers are not prized because they look like books but rather because they add value to books. Avid readers are discovering that e-book readers allow them to comfortably read material from virtually anywhere due to the fact that they are hand-held devices with a large screen and are very simple to use. The iPod by Apple showed the world that millions of us are very willing to carry a digital device around with us that contained our favorite content, so it was only logical that this concept could pertain to novels and nonfiction as well. Most experts are eager to say that the digital book and even digitalized newspapers are finally ready to explode on the scene. E-book readers allow you to download a book in under a minute and take it with you wherever you go. You can purchase a new release for about $10 which is significantly less expensive then buying even a discounted hardcover version. These readers have very generous memory space which means that you can have your entire library as well as dictionary with you at all times--all on one thin, small device. Pretty impressive, don't you agree? Electronic readers include the popular Kindle, Kindle 2, Kindle DX, Sony PRS-505, Barnes and Noble's Nook, the Iliad from iRex, Be Book and many more. Sony introduced the world to the first reader named the Librie and there were only a couple of readers on the market until just recently. Today, this new technology is making leaps and bounds. Amazing technological advancements are constantly being made which include allowing the pages to be written on the screen and that which includes the print being allowed to remain without using any electricity for upward to 2,000 turns of the pages. The Kindle by Amazon is the most sold reader at this point in time due to how easy it is to use and its wireless update capability that is available as long as you are somewhere that a cell phone signal can be picked up. Barnes and Noble's Nook is the newest ebook reader to hit the scene and it is packed with features not found on any other device of this kind. The Nook can be purchased for under $300 directly on the Barnes and Noble website. -C Rupp

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