The iPad Vs E-Readers

Now that the dust has settled in San Francisco and the world was introduced to Apple's new tablet, the iPad, let's take a look at this device. From watching Steve Jobs demonstrate the iPad's e-reader capabilities, it seems that it will be a very fast process to purchase and begin reading on the iPad's touchscreen. The covers of the books loaded on the iPad are displayed on a 'shelf' on the screen and the software gives the user the look of a paper book.  But since the screen is glossy on the iPad it may be a strain to read for long periods and we can assume that reading outdoors will not be that easy either. The iPad will cost $499 with WiFi and $629 with WiFi and 3G connectivity.  For users who want a great mult-purpose device, the iPad is outstanding. The iPad looks like a giant iPhone and it operates much the same way-minus the calling capability of course.  You can watch high definition movies and Tv on it, browes the web and play games.  The big 9.7 inch IPS touchscreen is great and with the 16, 32, and 64 GB of flash storage the device can certainly hold a much larger library than the average digital reader on the market today. For reading newspapers, the iPad would be ideal considering you get color photos and inline videos.  The key features of the iBooks Store are:  the menus emulate book shelves with the titles sitting on the shelves-that is pretty neat.  Penguin, Harper Collins,  Simon and Schuster, MacMillan and Hachette are partnering with Apple-a nice list indeed.  The user is allowed to take a look at book reviews and can download samples, much like what one can do on the Kindle.  Page turns are done by tapping or dragging your finger across the touchscreen.  You are able to change the font size and that's good too.  Students will be able to access textbooks on the iPad-a definite plus. We're not sure yet, but it is rumored that the iBooks will sell for $12.99 and $14.99 and that's not so good.  Concerning screen quality, the iPad has an outstanding screen and it's big, although e-ink is much better for reading. The fact that the iPad's screen is color is a plus-especially for those who will be using it for reading magazines and newspapers. For those considering purchasing the iPad, it is clearly an amazing device. It does many things very well. However, for people who just want a device for reading it's doubtful that they will choose the expensive iPad that is packed with features. The iPad was made for people who want a device that can do it all and for those who love the tablet format. It's very portable, lightweight and obviously fun to use. The lamp is necessary for any hunter or the fisherman. Such as powerful torchlight Nitecore TM 15 2450 Lumen. With such lamp any situations aren't terrible!    

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