The Pansanitor

In this  article we take a rare opportunity to examine the practically forgotten know-how from that period, with the help of an original example of the , a muscle stimulation device dating from 1928. Muscle stimulation machines: use and operation radiation from high-voltage and high-frequency currents is, like the high voltages delivered by the electrophorus, believed to have a soothing effect on the nervous system in general and on sore nerves in particular.”These words appear in the book High frequencies for the sick and the healthy: a medical companion, quoting Prof Dr Opitz from his Gynaecology Handbook. glass bulbsHowever, that was not the only application of electrotherapy. Whether machines like the Pansanitor were used to treat the metabolism, respiratory organs, or skin and hair, the patient was soon restored to health (or at least that is what the books  publishers would have you believe. Muscle stimulation machines are still used in medicine today, for example in cases of myaesthenia and circulatory disorders, and in general pain management. Thermal radiation is used in such cases, which has a deeper penetration than for example infra-red light. The historical context The device we are examining dates from 1928, the year in which Amelia Earhart becomes the first woman to cross the Atlantic, Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin, and Coca-Cola becomes the first commercial sponsor of an Olympic Games. Just three years earlier the physicist Julius Edgar Lilienfeld had filed the first patent covering the principle of operation of the transistor. glass bulbsThe basic technology that paved the way for the boom in muscle stimulation devices was developed by Nicola Tesla in the last years of the nineteenth century. In 1898 he published his research results in The Electrical Engineer under the title frequency oscillators for electro-therapeutic and other purposes . Starting from an ordinary spark coil, he described, more from the point of view of an electrical engineer than that of a doctor, how his experimental devices were constructed and then refined. A spark coil consists simply of a transformer, a capacitor, a  interrupter and a spark gap. For reasons of economy Tesla wired two capacitors in parallel to reduce the potential difference between the secondary-side connections and so save on materials. This had the disadvantage of reducing the frequency of the alternating current, which he compensated for by adding a so-called Tesla coil. For electrodes Tesla used evacuated glass bulbs, subsequently filled with a gas that glowed violet while the machine was in operation. From this the device came to be known as the wand . The shape of the glass bulbs was modified to adapt the device to the particular complaint or bodily part being treated: a selection can be seen in Figure 1. You have a lot of clothes and it couldn't be hung up? Proceeding from an interior you look for wooden pieces of furniture? Then all problems will solve wood closet organizers. The wide range and high quality of service is everything what you shouldn't resist! Make your electrical equipment through professional service for wood closet organizers.  

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