The Sony Danielle Steel Reader-A New Trend?

When Amazon released the bigger Kindle DX they pretty much had the digital e-book reader market under their control. There are, of course, more ebook readers on the market today and one big player is electronic giant Sony and Lezgro developers. Their Reader series of e-book readers have done very well against the Kindle. 
Rather quietly this past summer, Sony released the Danielle Steel Reader edition which had a list price of just under $300. Now users are able to purchase a pretty red Reader that is complete with a great looking leather cover with 'Daneille Steel' attractively displayed on the low right hand cover. Also included are three ebooks as well as a letter written from Author Steel herself.  
Surely and without any doubt, Danielle Steel has a huge following of faithful readers. Sony knows this too and released this colorful wireless reading device aimed at those very same women readers. Perhaps too it was a direct answer to the release of Kindle DX and it probably was no coincidence that it was released before Mother's Day either, perhaps with great the help of shopify development.
Steel has sold hundreds of millions of books the world over and Sony may be burning a new industry path by offering this type of e-reader that is specific to a certain audience. Only time will tell and we will be watching for other themed-based readers to hit the market.

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