ViewSonic VEB612 Review

ViewSonic, well known for producing computer monitors, entered the ebook reader game late last year with the VEB12 ereader.  The design of the ViewSonic reader is relatively nice and fresh however the attached $210 price tag is not be justified.  Read on to find out why. Dressed in a white leatherette cover with a magnetic flap closure, the 5 by 8 inch,  6.5 ounce device is certainly sized right for easy holding and portability.  It sports a 6 inch e-ink technology screen with a 800 x 600 pixel resolution so that text, images and graphics are sharp and clear. The VEB612 is only capable of showing 8 greyscale levels when rendering photos and graphics while most of its rivals can display 16 shades of gray. The Viewsonic VEB612 supports a limited number of file formats: PDF, TXT, ePub, HTML and PRC. There is also a rather limited 512MB of memory on board although you can increase this using the provided SD card slot.  There is no WiFi or mobile data support on this device. The battery life gives the user 8,000 page turns before needing a charge or about two weeks of usage which is good.  There is an built-in MP3 player provided although many users have reported that playing music slows down the device and that sometimes portions of the tracks skip, making it difficult and pointless to use. It has also been determined that the Viewsonic VEB612 fails quite miserably when it comes to its software.  It struggles to render PDF files correctly, boggling the format by not being able to display graphics and diagrams and it often uses the incorrect font size. It also sometimes fails to add the icon for the folded page when the user bookmarks a page, regardless of the fact that the mark shows on the bookmark list. In conclusion, in spite of its nice looks and good screen, the Viewsonic VEB612 is simply not worth the price asked. There are many,  much more capable and bug-free ebook readers on the market that are better.

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