VisionDrive VD-9000FHD

The main innovation lies in the voice warning of the camera "ARROW ST", fixing the speed limit for moving vehicles. This function is provided by the built-in GPS, which already included the coordinates of hot spots, thus, is alert. You can set the maximum threshold of the speed limit, above which, you will be immediately informed. Thanks to GPS modules available is another option: to provide information from the satellite. On the map you can play GOOGLE traversed route, view all the maneuvers to set the speed at which you move to a particular point in time, and more.
VisionDrive VD-9000FHD
The excellent quality of the captured video will provide a five-megapixel camera, which allows avtoregistrator VisionDrive VD-9000FHD for shooting in the format Full HD. In the image will be clearly stated, even small details of objects up to the vehicle's registration number, which can be considered excellent.

Your built-in 2.4 inch display in the brightest colors and in great detail, you will be able to consider all the nuances of the incident, and as a result, quickly establish the perpetrator, without the need to connect external devices.  You can make video TV tours to any places on the Earth, as you like. You can see such a wonderful places as Belarus and then visit them face to face using service.

Quickly find the desired location recording was made possible thanks to the fact that the materials are applied as separate files, and between them there is a pause, as most car registrars. And in order to survey was conducted continuously cycled old rollers automatically replaced.

Another important feature VisionDrive VD-9000FHD is to prevent overwriting files that are recorded all the alarms (hitting, speed, etc.). Built-in G-sensor responds to, and stored in a separate folder on the memory card. The sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted to it, for example, did not work on the "speed bumps."

During idle car without traffic, there is a constant image analysis in the frame. And if the sensor detect a movement, the DVR will immediately carry out shooting now.

We are confident that avtoregistrator VisionDrive VD-9000FHD become market leader, like all its predecessors.

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