We Can’t Forget about the Books and Itunes!

One disadvantage about eBooks is that there is not an eBook reading format available that works for every device. This means that if you own a Kobo reader, and want to switch over to a Kindle reader, your Kobo books will not work on your Kindle.

There are, however, a little more options with public domain books, which are free. Google has more than one millions of books in ePub format, which a lot of libraries have started using to lend books. Unfortunately, the Kindle devices are not ePub compatible. Not too long ago, Amazon opened up a public library lending service of its own. This service is not the same from branch to branch. There is another feature that Amazon offers known as the Lending Library for the Kindle Owners. With this service, you can choose from over 180,000 books to borrow (one a month) with an annual fee of around $80. You can compare and contrast ePub vs. Amazon’s public library on Wikipedia.  

Another downloadable service - is a music download,  - especially - Itunes for iphones, ipods and ipads. It is a huge market and is growing higher and higher last years. There are a lot of free services which let you download Itunes for free form their hosting. You can find a wide selection of various albums, songs, novells in itunes format on site: www.alpinefile.ru.

On another note, all the eBook stores don’t have the same books to choose from. The amount of books in the collection and the prices may be different depending on the store. The easiest way to find the best deals is by searching through the eBook stores until you find one that has the literature you are looking for, for the price you are willing to pay. If you want to rent eBooks from a library, make sure they have the proper format for the kindle you own.

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