What 2010 Holds for the Ebook Reader

We saw a huge growth in the popularity and sales of ebook readers in 2009 but there is still a lot of consumer resistance regarding reading from a screen rather than a book. We will undoubtedly see a shift in 2010 with an emphasis leaning toward e-ink and paper developments. The new players in the field will offer us new equipment that the current leaders like Sony and Amazon will have to scramble to keep up with. The popularity of wireless reading devices will rise, as more and more people will like to have the convenience of an digital reader and the capability of uploading an entire library into one device. Many consumers will however, still be reluctant to buy because they may feel that if the Kindle is the best unit out there then they would rather wait until something more developed comes along. Many more companies have realized that electronic readers are proving to be in very high demand which will result in more and more brands of ebook readers hitting the open market.  If you look at the current buying trends, it becomes apparent that the sales of e-book readers is going to skyrocket in 2010. It is also quite clear that problems consumers had with these readers have been corrected and this will lead to bigger and better ebook readers that are made with the latest cutting edge technology and using PDF readers and PDF converters. Electronic reading devices are quickly becoming more sophisticated with companies such as Barnes and Noble bringing out readers like the 'Nook'. This particular ebook reader has a multi-touch color screen that looks so great that it may just knock the Kindle out of first place. The company Plastic Logic has entered the playing field by offering an eReader that has 3G connectivity for the business person. The proReader by Plastic Logic is the very first ereader made specifically for business use. It allows the user to read Excel, Word, PDF and PowerPoint files. Rumors are flying around that Apple and Microsoft are both working on devices that will offer computing and multimedia functioning. Sony is making progress in leaps and bounds by offering the new IREX DR800SD that features a bigger 8.1 inch screen. Sony is well aware of the fact that many potential customers were turned off by the screen sizes on most ebook readers, so those consumers should love the bigger viewing area Sony offers. Asus is working on an ereader that may meet the needs of everyone with its reader that will feature twin color touchscreens which open up like a hardcover book. This device will also feature a microphone, speaker and a webcam built right in so that users can make Skype video calls from the device. Rumor also has it that this Asus reader will be less expensive than the Kindle, so Amazon had better reconsider the prices they are charging as this new Asus could dominate the market. In 2010 we can also expect to see changes in stores as many will be setting up aisles specifically for electronic readers and accessories. We should also see some less expensive ebook readers coming out of Asian countries and depending on the quality offered, these too may become formidable players in this hot new market. -C Rupp

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