What Do You Think? Will E-readers Catch On?

With all of the press they have been getting lately, e-book readers are certainly shining in the spotlight.  It seems that there is some kind of announcement in the news at least weekly concerning another top electronics company who is jumping on board by offering a new ereader or an entire line-up of readers that are poised to hit the open market sometime in 2010. Now, this leads to some pretty lively discussions on the web about whether or not the general public will indeed embrace this new way of reading and receiving media publications.  Does having  electronic devices available that allows us to download the top best-selling books and build an entire library to be carried with us one device mean that folks will rush to purchase one? Maybe or maybe not. Right now, it will cost a person around $300 to buy an e-book reader. For most of us, that is a considerable amount of money to fork out for an apparatus that we have never experienced using before. On the other hand, considering the amount of positive press attention digital readers are receiving lately, many people are quite familiar or at least somewhat familiar- with how they work and are also aware of the benefits of them.  We are, after all, a society that counts on technology to do the most simple tasks for us. We rely on our gadgets for keeping in touch in with one another, organizing our schedules and getting us from point A to point B. We are, in fact, a people who love gizmos and gadgets.  We devour any news we run across that features some new doohickey or thingamajig fresh on the market that promises to streamline tasks and that are well, just cool and fun to use! So my guess is yes, e-book readers will catch on. They're innovative, practical and well,  darn fun to use and great looking to boot!  I have read a lot of comments on the internet from new users who state that since getting their new reader, they have never read so much before in their lives. What do you think? Please comment and leave your thoughts.  And could you take a second and complete the short poll on the left sidebar? Thanks!  Have a great day and thanks for stopping by! C Rupp

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