What is the Amazon Kindle?

My readers are asking me that after writing to many articles about the advanced aspects of the Amazon's Kindle and other ebook readers why am I writing an article as if introducing the Amazon's Kindle for the first time? Well the fact is that although the Kindle is famous and popular among the geek community, vast majority of people cannot differentiate the Kindle from the Laptop! And since a lot of people who read books are middle aged and seniors I thought I should dedicate a blogpost to help them understand what is this Kindle afterall.

The Amazon kindle is an e-book reader with a crisp e-ink screen and Wi-Fi. With this compact, lightweight and affordable gadget you can access a massive catalog of books, magazines, and newspapers via Amazon.com’s familiar online store. The Amazon Kindle can hold hundreds of books with a battery life that last for weeks.

Though the input is limited to a cumbersome directional keypad and virtual key because of its lack of a touch screen, the Amazon kindle will still be great because you can read several books at the same time without having to carry them around with you thanks to its light weight. And who would really be concerned with its lack of a keyboard since you only need to type in the name of the book, and most of the time you will be reading and not typing. Students will be able to research on their thesis in one sitting from different books. Any one will be able to read several books for several hours without suffering eye strain because of its wonderful display.

With the Kindle you have a built in dictionary to understand everything, a physical keyboard to easily make notes of those words you want to memorize. So in fact when you finish your book, you can go to your notes archive and see all the new vocabulary you learnt reading the book.

Now those who love reading can easily go to the website, and if they see a book they like, all they need to do is buy the Kindle version and its there on their Kindle. And the best part of this is that you get the book straight away. For authors this is a great deal because it allows people to try out their books for free, thanks to the Kindle Lending Library and sample chapters. Not to mention the fact that the readers get to buy them at a lower price while giving the author a decent royalty. Any author will want to embrace this tool. But owners of bookstores feel that they may soon be put out of business.

Many users will say that the Kindle, unlike both the iPad and tablet which are fantastic devices for multimedia, is just a great medium of sorts. It is perfect for traveling, commuting, taking to the gym or taking to the beach. So this is for the people who love reading, period.

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