Paradigm Shift E-readers Re-Visited

Considering the fact that the Paradigm Shift e-readers that were unveiled at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) created quite a stir in the industry, one would certainly think that there would be a website online featuring their new digital readers.  But there isn't and if there is, it sure isn't easy to find! The already relatively unknown company, Paradigm Shift Sourcing and Manufacturing, introduced the EER-051 and the EER-071WF and announced  the prices for the new devices will  be $150 and $200 respectively.  The five inch reader includes an Mp3 player, a photo viewer and 1GB of memory. Included is an SD card slot.  It will support multiple formats including txt, pdf, ansi, epub, html, fb2, doc and pdb. The bigger 7 inch EER-071WF will operate on Windows CE and features a touchscreen display, integrated Wi-Fi and much more. [Read full article written earlier here on this site]. The point is, while these two new Paradigm Shift ereaders sound great and created a good deal of interest and excitement, where is the website associated with the devices? If it is true that they will begin shipping in mid-February (of this year I presume) where is the marketing campaign??  Who is going to sell them? Who is going to buy them? How can interested consumers look into the company and learn more? Good questions and  I have no answer to any of them. I was on another site and this was being discussed there as well. Can anyone shed some light on this? Mid-February is nearly here. Can Paradigm Shift really expect to sell ereaders without a marketing plan firmly in place? footnote:  Definition of Paradigm Shift: a fundamental change in approach or assumptions.      Hmmm....a clever new marketing technique perhaps?

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