Will Ebook Readers in the Classroom Become a Reality?

Using ebook readers in the classroom is something that certainly could become a reality and in many ways it makes perfect sense. The ebook readers that are on the market today are lightweight, handheld devices. These electronic devices could be a great way to get otherwise reluctant readers interested in reading. Young people today are totally ‘plugged in’ with their cell phones, video games, ipods and other gadgets that they use on a daily basis. Offering students a cool, handheld device to use in the classroom may be a way to make learning fun. It could be a motivator to students to become more involved with their learning. Kids today are growing up in an environment that is electronic-rich. They have access to computers at school, the library and at home. Even the youngest kids have cell phones these days. Ebook readers in the classroom could be great motivational tools in the sense that kids would want to do more with them because of the fact that they are electronic. Kids are so immersed in technology that even young children know and understand technical terms such as WiFi and 3G-terminology many of us adults struggle to understand. Kids embrace technology and in today’s technology-driven society it should not surprise us all that much. It is alarming however knowing that many kids today rush home to get on their computers or to play the latest video games instead of hurrying outside to meet the neighborhood gang for a rousing game of kickball. Many children do not even know the other kids on their block and yes, this is sad, but this reality and up to the parents to deal with. Nothing can compare to the wonderful feeling of holding a book in your hands and the smell of ink on paper when you’re deeply engrossed in a story. Marking the pages, signing your name inside the front cover and adding little tabs to mark the important sections are wonderful, small rituals and also ways for us to interact with the book and somehow with the mind of the author. At the deepest level, an electronic device could never replace the true reading experience. Even though we love our books I think there is a place for electronic textbooks. The name Kindle for example means ‘to light a fire’. Imagine the potential the ebook reader has for students with disabilities or visual impairments. A text-to-speech feature that is included on a few models today could give students who are visually impaired access to the books that their sighted peers use. The social implications would be great-the ‘fitting in’ with classmates. Students with learning disabilities could benefit from the audio capabilities as well. What do you think? Do you think there’s a place in the classroom for ebook readers? Minimartjobs Fiverr Alternative Microjobs site Freelance

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