You re in the Log

You re in the Log
I recently discovered the utility of a shirt - pocket - size paper log book that would survive a southern California rainstorm. I found the waterproof pages also work well when Iout grid - hopping maritime - mobile. These handy little waterproof log books will do away with shaking the ballpoint pen to make it write on damp paper. Pages are treated to accept almost any writing instrument for easy glide - on creation of permanent log - keeping in all kinds of weather. They come with any number of labels on them, including: Radio Portable/Mobile Log Incident Detail Log GeoCache Log CERT/First Responder Log ShipDeck Log (Thatfor me!) Various others, from fishing to bird watching Each log book has a plastic spiral binding on the top of the pages, and you really need to work at it to yank out a page. This is on purpose; even if the book becomes completely soaked, your pages, as well as inside notations, remain intact. Pages are printed only on one side, giving you plenty of doodle room on the back for additional remember that”notes. The front page of each log book is protected by a clear plastic cover. There is a page designed for log initiation with Operator name, callsign, date, and of...”information in case you and the little waterproof log book get separated. One source is ASA, PO Box 454, Glenwood, NJ 07418; <>. LEDs on a Roll If you are looking to light up your radio room operating desk, or provide outside illumination from your emergency communications unit, take a look at LEDs on a Roll. They will amaze you with how easy it is to gain useful light.
You re in the Log
Each roll of light emitting diodes is 16 feet long, and features 300 LEDs on a waterproof ultra - flexible strip terminating to red and black wires for a 9 - volt or 12 - volt connection. If you donneed all 16 feet, but rather only 6 feet, take out your diagonals and cut the strip where you see the scissors mark. For lighting, either inside the ham shack or outside on your vehicle, you have a choice of several LED strip options: Very Bright 5050 LEDs, facing out Bright 3528 LED, small but bright LED 335, pointing down, called view strip” Submersible LED strip 5050, very bright, for pools. The 16 - foot strips may be ordered with a white, brown, or black background. The light strips may also be ordered in red, green, blue, or even with an additional tiny controller, to sequence through multiple colors. Thatwhat Jim, at JimEngraving, uses with his side - lighted etched - glass call - letter desk signs. At 12 volts, the bright strips pull 0.02 amps for three LEDs. For the ultra - bright 5050 LEDs, three of them draw 0.06 amps at 12 volts. Herewhere it gets interesting. I hooked up a roll of side view, a roll of bright, and a roll of super bright LEDs on a common transistor radio type 9 - volt battery, and believe it or not, all three rolls ran continuously for three days, giving off a consistent, nice warm glow to accent my darkened radio room. As you feed them less voltage, the current falls off dramatically. Louis at <> says his biggest light - strip customers are custom RV manufacturers, illuminating the inside of million - dollar RVs, and coach or limo makers enhancing the .”Since these LED rolls can be cut to shorter lengths, the individual resistors for 12 - volt operation are included all along the 16 - foot strip. On the back of each strip is 3M™ double - stick tape for mounting. Peel away the outer protective backing tape, and the strip will hold to almost any kind of surface. Yes, the current rolls of white LEDs do have that bluish cast, but at next yearConsumer Electronics Show welikely find warmer versions of the LEDs.
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Another source, LED Post (, offers these LEDs on a roll. Judging by their packaging, they are gearing up to sell them in retail automotive stores. Both companies offer hundreds of additional mobile LED lighting accessories, such as LED dome lights, sidelights, driving lights, and for law enforcement, red, amber, and blue lights that absolutely knock the socks off old-fashioned incandescent light bars. The suggested retail price for the 16 - foot waterproof LED roll is $50 to $100+ for the submersible LEDs. I have seen rolls of LEDs for less, but they were absolutely not waterproof, and could only be used in perfectly dry configurations. The waterproof and submersible rolls have a nice feel to them, and work just as well outside in a damp environment as they do inside. Each company requires a resale license plus a minimum several - hundred - dollar order. They wonsell a single roll direct retail —dealers only —so get together with your local ham dealer and get it to stock up! Ham Nation, Live Ham Nation is now celebrating a year on the air on the TWIT network, home of Leo Laporte, W6TWT, also known as Tech Guy.”Bob Heil, K9EID, is our director - host, and each Tuesday evening a group of us pulls off hourlong live shows about all things ham radio with participation from a live chat room. We bring in ham radio guests each week as well as our regulars George, Carol, and Amanda, who go live on Skype™. These are podcasts available on your computer at . of the best ideas and questions come from the chat room. We have loads of viewers and listeners who have yet to become licensed ham operators,”comments Bob Heil, K9EID. Bob and I regularly hear from these potential hams via e-mail, and wegetting feedback that the shows are drawing more shortwave listeners into our fascinating hobby. New X The new Extra Class test question pool is effective July 1, 2012. If you have been practicing for the test and are using study materials that expire on June 30 this year, donpanic! There is little change in the new Extra Class test question pool. In fact, some antiquated questions were removed, the entire pool was trimmed down to 702 questions, and anyone taking the new test with the old book should do just fine. Many of the 60+ new questions added to the pool are simply updated old questions. So if you have been studying the old book and CDs, you will likely do just fine on the upcoming 50 - question exam. Up-to-date study materials are available at <>. Have a great summer! More of Short Circuits”coming this fall. If you like to travel across Europe, at least it is necessary for you to visit castle hotel colmberg in Germany. And also other locks of this fine country!

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